Main Function

We provide powerful ‘E2E(end-to-end) security’ on Application Layer(OSI & Layer) using HW security module and SW security module

Communication Encryption End-to-end security at the application level, regardless of intermediate devices
Device Authentication/Access Control Provide IoT Communication based on wireless network for Smart city, Smart car etc.
- support LTE, Cat.M1, LoRa, NB-IoT, WiFi, BLE, Bluetooth etc.
Prevention Firmware Forgery Secure Key Management using ECC, Lightweight Certification
Domestic/Global Standard Algorithm




  • Random number generator : TRNG
  • Hash : SHA160bit, SHA256bit
  • Symtric Algorithm : AES, ARIA, LEA-128/192/256bit
  • Operation Mode : ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, CTR, GCM
  • Asymtric Algorithm : ECDSA, ECDH



Smart Grid

Apply encryption between Smart meter and DCU
Installed in Jeju demonstration complex
Smart Grid

Smart Home & Health

Apply E2E solution between Smart home gateway and IoT device
Smart Home

Smart City (in BUSAN)

IoT device/gateway/platform/service/user whole section is applied encryption/device authentication
Smart City

Smart Water (PLC ↔ Service) & IP Camera

Smart Water